“Not My Circus, Not My Monkey” a Polish Proverb that Could Translate to Peace (for the United States)

1619115_10204643877365461_8478076229973913919_n As reference in the discussion this picture has been going around the internet for a bit now. It’s a snapshot of the last 60 or so years, published by Al Arabia.  I think it frames the argument nicely it were that simple or the problem had just arisen.  That is far from the case however.

What would be truly beneficial in the conversation would be an interactive map that goes back 5,000 years showing that the Egyptians, Hittites, Israel Part I, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Sassanids, The Caliphate, Seljuk, European Crusaders Part I, Saladin, Ottomans, Europeans Part 2, The State of Israel Part 2 in 1946.

Pretty amazing isn’t it?  History has really taught us that morality be damned, If you can take the land and defend it, only then do you really own it.  Then, when you can’t defend it anymore, its not yours.  This has been proven over and over again, on every continent across the globe.  The only place it hasn’t been tested is Antarctica, not yet give humans some time.

If we acknowledge that people have been slaughtering one another for domination in the Middle East and will likely continue to, the question becomes: what is the United State’s legitimate role in the Middle East?

I contend that we should be hard at work on the things our own country struggles with.  We are geographically isolated from the more volatile places in the world where ages old conflicts flare into regional world wars.  We’re literally too new.

Ostensibly if we are safely tucked behind a military so capable and borders so controlled we know exactly who comes and goes we could very easily mind our business and tend to our own circus.

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